COVID Virtual Activities 

Wow ... just received my gift set and I'm blown away. I know you said a gift but this is so much more. Thank you thank you thank you. Even though we can't get to you ... what you provide in way of support and care is exemplary xxx

Just got home after a long day and I was over the moon to receive my gift box full of lovely pamper goodies. Thank you so much to STR.

Arrived home after work and a very difficult few days to receive the beautiful pamper box. Thank you so much, you are all so kind and thoughtful. Looking forward to a pamper session.

Thank you so much to STR for my pamper box. I've had a tough few days... so to be greeted with an amazing pamper box really made my day and I can't wait to use them. Thank you for all the happiness and joy you spread. It makes the difficult days that little bit easier.

Nice to have some activities as a distraction

Thanks for giving us some social interaction, and my child joined in which was a big step forward for him.

To be able to talk to others who understand, learn new skills for managing anxiety and having a go at a new craft which gave me something positive and fun to focus on.

I’ve loved that STR tried to keep things going so we all had a lifeline.

Get together, albeit not face to face, with like minded people for a fun morning!

I’ve been SO looking forward to this

I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that has been covered. It’s just so lovely to be able to meet up virtually and say hello! I love the Tuesday mornings slot with Flo and even if I miss it I also watch later on. The sessions just bring me back to the new norm and know that others are feeling the same way and I am not alone. Having a giggle with my STR family is just what I need . It’s a stress reliever and somewhere I can get together with friends . Thank you for all you hard work setting this up and taking the time out of your busy schedules to care xx

It’s the first time I’ve done this all summer

Self Massage and Re enforcement of Anxiety Techniques. Also speaking to people who understand my situation and the atmosphere felt so supportive.

They are a fantastic idea in these challenging times. The timing was great, the balance of content was fantastic, just keep doing the great work you are doing!

There wasn't anything I could suggest from this morning [to improve]. It was Lovely and Relaxed.

To be able to talk to others who understand, learn new skills for managing anxiety and having a go at a new craft which gave me something positive and fun to focus on.

Loved watching Flo brightened up my day. The hand massage was a blessing last week after a very stressful day.

Lovely to actually see other people face to face


This is my first time here and it has helped me to know there are people who care and to offer support.

Thanks for all this. Not just the pampering and looking after, but also for the opportunity to meet and chat and feel less alone.

A little bit of paradise.

Fantastic day. Flown by. Lovely people. Thank you for taking care of me.

I love my ReTreat days.

I didn't know the value til I tried it. ReTreat, Relax, Regroup, Re-charge, Fab. Thank you.

Thank you! I was not quite sure what to expect, but really enjoyed it. Please pass on my thanks to all for their hard work.

Amazing value for money. Treatment I haven't experienced for years. Nothing was a problem. Treats ALL day. Just what women want/need. So caring and considerate. Thanks. x

My first time at STR today and I will definitely be back. Very well organised with very friendly and welcoming staff. Both breakfast and lunch offered lots of variety and the food was amazing. Tea, coffee and cold drinks were offered throughout the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the candle making workshop and had a lovely relaxing head massage. It was lovely to meet and chat with others as well as relax and unwind in a quiet room. A meditation was a great way to finish the day, Thank you to everyone at STR for a fantastic experience. 

I've had a cup of tea, a good chat, tasty food and a massage. I feel thoroughly spoilt.

Sense of acceptance.

Feeling hopeful and positive. 

Thank you so much for a little top up of STR love.

I've had pain in my neck for over a week now, at lunch time the pain was gone, but I could still feel the tension, by the time I'm going home, it's all completely gone. 

Even when I'm in a good place, these days make me feel better.  Some time to myself and remembering there are others in the same situation helps.

Today has been quite emotional and cathartic. This really is an amazing, wonderful, life saving day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

When I spoke to Pauline about the ReTreat days they sounded fantastic, but when I went, the day exceeded all my expectations.

Amazing experience as always. Love everything about this group. Thankyou.

I've never used the phrase "Smell the Roses" before and now I can't stop using it. 

Thanks for the quiet room today. I really needed it today.

I have just had the most amazing, relaxing experience with those that get how difficult our lives are. All the staff were lovely with teas and coffees on the go all day. Loved my pamper treatment and the art class was just as calming. I felt comfortable and chatted away most of the day!! The breakfast and lunch was yummy and it's a treat to have someone else cook and clean away after me. Will defintiely be back thanks a bunch STR Crew you were fab!

It was lovely to hear laughter as I climbed the stairs to join you today. 

After the last ReTreat day, my husband said "I don't know where you've been or what you've done, but whatever it is, do it again. 

Thank you, so many amazing and healing conversations.  So much group support! Just what I needed.  

Thank you for looking after us so well. It has been so valuable to chat to others facing additional pressures and realising it's pretty normal to cry due to the pressure.