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Since January 2019


Mums have attended either a Face2Face or Virtual ReTreat.


We have hosted


Virtual Mini - Morning ReTreats.


We have gifted 


Care packages

& sent 

27 Resource packs


We have delivered


Face to Face North East ReTreat days


Who are we?

Smell the Roses is a peer support charity based in the North East of England.  Over the last year we have had to adapt our services and now offer a new hybrid model of Face2Face (F2F) and Virtual ReTreats for mums/female carers who have children with additional needs.

We are a safe place where you can receive and offer support to others in a similar situation to your own, who really understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes. We know that too often the demands of everyday life mean there is no time for you to stop and Smell the Roses.


What do we do?

We have four streams to our service.  2 x F2F services and 2 x Virtual services. 

F2F ReTreat Days.  

After dropping your child/children off at school, come and chat with some other mums over breakfast.  We will offer a range of activities set up in different rooms. The same activity rooms will be set up in the afternoon after lunch.  Some of the activities include:


  • A Quiet Room, to read.

  • Pamper Room.

  • Creative Arts Room.

You can view a video taken on our first ever ReTreat Day here.


Virtual Mini-Mornings via Zoom.

We have taken the essence of our ReTreat days and created mini-mornings over Zoom. We participate in creative/craft workshops, pampers and wellbeing talks.  Smell the Roses purchase the required resources needed for the workshops and then post them out to the mums/carers who are attending. 


Charity Sponsored F2F Days and Virtual Mini-Morning ReTreats.

Both of these services are offered to other organisations and charities who pay us to deliver our services to their mums/female carers. If you are a charity or organisation and know that the mums/female carers who attend your group would benefit from our service, please get in touch with Pauline here who will be more than happy to chat to you further. 

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