Who are we?

We are a group of people who care about, have or work with children with additional needs.  We understand how stressful, exhausting and relentless it can be at times caring for a child/children with any form of additional need.  We are very small team of volunteers with a passion to serve others.


Our objective.

We know that too often the demands of everyday life are incredibly hard. We want you to take time out in a safe place where you can either be with others who understand or, if it would benefit you more, spend some time on your own.   Today, why don’t you give yourself permission to have a day off and treat yourself, let someone else look after you and book into our next ReTreat Day.


What is a ReTreat Day?

After dropping your child/children off at school, come and chat with some other mums over breakfast.  We offer a range of activities set up for you to enjoy after which lunch is also provided.  Throughout your time you are served hot/cold drinks and chocolates. Some of the activities include:


  • A Quiet Space, to read.

  • Pamper Activity

  • Creative Arts/Craft Activity.

You can view a video taken on our first ever ReTreat Day here. 


Who is  the ReTreat Day for?

The ReTreat Days are a “women only” space for those who have caring responsibility for child/children with any form of additional need.  We want to create a relaxed environment away from the stresses of family life (for a few hours at least), therefore we don't have children attending the ReTreats. You can view a video taken on our first ever ReTreat Day here

The trustees of Smell the Roses do not wish financial hardship to be a barrier to attendance. Therefore one space may be available free of charge. Please contact Pauline Grant with a formal request and we will make a decision accordingly. 

Meet the team
Pauline Grant

Pauline grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  She moved to Cardiff, Wales to study at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.  After graduating Pauline moved to the North East of England and taught Secondary School aged teenagers Drama.  She married Stuart, who is originally from Essex. 


The family has experienced difficulties along the way, which led Pauline to want to support mums particularly with children with additional needs, whatever form that need may take.  So seeded Smell the Roses. 


Pauline enjoys crafts of any sort, going to the theatre and concerts and spending time with friends and family.